Fully Mobile Responsive

Artist and Creative Marketing Professional

Barbara Smith

Creative | Marketing | Digital Marketing | Web Design | Branding | Advertising

New York City Metropolitan Area

Published in an array of digital assets. Digital Marketing professional with background in commercial print industry. Expert in print processes, advertising, marketing, branding, marketing analysis and competitive product positioning.

Experienced in computer software applications on both Mac and PC both through usage and formal training. Trained in all Microsoft office tools, Adobe Creative Suite applications including CRM database creation via Access and FileMakerPro, and HTML. WordPress expert, integrating membership and customized plugins.

System integrator experienced connecting discreetly separate platforms. Track, fine tune, and manage conversion with CRM work flow. Document activities with standardized work. Continually improve systems and optimize results through experimentation: new tools, platforms, and content. Created paid search, look-a-like audiences, and networking to grow presence on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn platforms.

Professional web builder and implemented pull marketing to drive online traffic using surveys, incentives gathering feedback to increase conversion rates of online visitors.

Experienced technical and creative copywriter that articulated brand distinction along with the ability to convey complex concepts and instructions. Authored and created communications, advertisements, instruction sheets, articles, newsletters, catalogs and have worked alongside, legal departments, creative agencies, sales teams and programmers.

Create global presence for B2B and B2C. Bring 20+ years of building teams, managing multiple projects, on time and on budget. Connected customers and businesses with cost effective communications resulting in positive ROI. Gifted mentor and motivator.

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