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Hire a professional for your website

Once we’ve discussed your project, a quote will be provided to you with a breakdown of the cost that includes all design fees and printing services if applicable. Prices do not include sales tax. Many services available from print to web.

I am available to consult on your current website if you are hoping for a change or upgrade. I can take over an existing platform or crate a new presence from scratch.

Please contact me for a quote:

[email protected] or 832-732-9920.

Design Process & Policies

Turnaround Time

Turnaround time depends on the project and difficulty of design and anticipated print expectations.

Deadlines are important to me. Deadlines and expected delivery dates are important to you. Your time is valuable and to allow me a manageable time frame to complete your project leaves you a happy customer with a great outcome and me with a product delivered, on time, accurate and professionally executed.

  • Reasonable expectations on delivery of art is appreciated.
  • Please allow me at least 2-3 day notice if you intend on scheduling a project.
  • Small projects may take a few days up to a few weeks to produce.
  • Large projects may take 3-8 weeks or more depending on the project.
  • Shipping adds to expected time frames. I do not print internally and broker out that portion of my business, If you can get a shorter time frame I will provide you with a PDF. I will provide estimates for shipping when requested.
  • I do rush projects if requested and agreed upon.*

*A rush fee is applied if ample time is not provided to complete your project.

Quote & Contract

  • A written quote will be provided upon request. Quotes detail the line items and costs associated to the project specifications.
  • Contracts will be asked to be signed for each design job before work is started. (Once the contract is signed, returned and a deposit is paid, design will begin.)
  • I do monthly installments to help with the expense of a custom website. If you thought you couple not afford a website, monthly installment help you get an online presence without the large upfront cost.

After your site is up and you need your site maintained I can assist.

We help improve SEO rankings. I customize marketing plans to increase traffic to enhance even the most aggressive SEO strategy. 

Contact me for a quote:

[email protected] or 832-732-9920.